Unforgettable Evening Experience With Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

glass hurricane candle holder

A candlelit evening creates the right atmosphere for deep conversations, soothing feelings, and a nostalgic environment for mental and spiritual relaxation.

One key accessory which you need to create such an awesome evening atmosphere is the glass hurricane candle holder. If you love to frequently create memorable evening experiences with your loved one(s), then you need to read this article up to the end and get in-depth knowledge on the right glass hurricane candle holder for your home.


Why A Glass Hurricane Candle Holder?

i) Sets the Right Mood

Do you love holding parties frequently at your home or you have family get-togethers at your place? If you have never tried a candlelit evening, then I bet you will fall in love with this trick.

A candlelit evening has certain potency to create a charming and gorgeous evening atmosphere. And what’s more amazing is that there is no limit to the level of creativity which you can integrate into this.


ii) Safety

There is no denying the fact that a glass hurricane candle holder adds to the safety of using candles at home. Open flames are risky especially when children are around. A glass hurricane candle holder will not only reduce the risks associated with open flames but also stabilize the flame for cases when the party is being held in an open environment.


iii) Recreate Unforgettable Experiences

I bet that you love sweet and unforgettable experiences. Candlelit dinners are a must-try if you love the thrill and the uniqueness created by sharing dinner and moments together with your loved one(s) under the illumination given by the candle flame. Add more sparkle to this experience by going for something which is crafted to align with the occasion.


How To Choose The Perfect Glass Hurricane Candle Holder For Your Home

Everybody loves something unique, something which combines aesthetics with functionality. But making the right choice isn’t always easy. I’ve simplified the process for you by giving you a step by step guide on what to consider when choosing the right glass hurricane candle holder for your home.


1. The Shape and Geometry

Different glass hurricane candle holders come in different geometries and shapes. Go for something which aligns with your preferences, matches the occasion, and is easy to handle and clean.


2. Transparency Level

Apart from transparent glass, there are other designs that combine different light principles to create a better candle-light sparkle.

There are those which have different translucency levels to limit the light level while others combine refraction and reflection principles to artistically disperse the light and create beautiful patterns.

Choose something which permits enough light into the room but still has the ability to create the right light sparkle.


3. The Type of Glass

There are different types of glass materials that are used to create glass hurricanes, candle holders. The materials used determine the durability, fading rate, and ease of cleaning. Evaluate the glass used against these factors to ensure that you get value for your money.


4. The Cost

It’s true that cost is a limiting factor when it comes to making purchases. But, I would recommend that you go for something which has the right quality and matches your budget.

It’s not always true that the highly-priced items are of better quality than the lower-priced items. Evaluate the features, the material, and the design and strike a good balance between the price and the quality.


5. The Size

Glass hurricane candle holders come in all sorts of sizes. Choose a size that fits your needs and will work best for you.


6. Multicolor or Mono-color?

Whether you will go for a multicolored glass hurricane candle holder or for the monochrome glasses is all dependent on your tastes and preferences. Personally, I like the multicolor ones since they tend to create a magical feeling when the colors are dispersed around the dining table.



A glass hurricane candle holder might be the perfect item to add to your home decor and make your evenings more rewarding.

Such an evening atmosphere will recreate an amazing feeling, help you to reconnect with your loved ones, and create unforgettable experiences.

Use the above pointers as a checklist when shopping for your next glass hurricane candle holder.

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