Adding Value To House Aesthetics With Hurricane Glass Candle Holder


Hurricane glass candle holder is an ancient tool that is still valued highly today. You may have come across them during the festive season shopping sprees. These beautiful antiques at the store are quite catchy to the eye. Nonetheless, how to intermarry them with house aesthetics remains a mystery to most.

The adorable hurricane glass candle holders come in different designs suited for different functions and events. Getting the trick right is key. Furthermore, they still come in handy when the lights bail out on you. In this case, they not only come as a quick fix but also serve to give a cool and peaceful ambiance.


Buying The Right Type Is Key

You may, therefore, need the following helpful tips during your next trip to the store. Consider the event Hurricane glass candle holders come in various works of art that suit different purposes. For instance, if planning for a dinner party, the variety to choose from is wide. The big metal and glass candle holders are one alternative. They come with tall chimneys that can fit a three-inch candle, while at the same time, keeping the breeze at bay.

Contemporary hurricane glass candle holders adorned with metal facets come in handy for a big party. They are characterized by diamond-shaped metal facets towering over the hurricane glass candle holder at the center. They are best suited in high places that are out of reach during the thronged event.


Sections Of The House

While many might only think of the dining room, hurricane glass candle holders can be used in several other spots within your house. Think of the patio! That’s why it is called a hurricane glass candle holder; to keep the strong breeze away from your precious flame!

The ceramic and glass hurricane candle holder is perfectly suited for such a spot. Its ceramic base keeps it from toppling over. In case the lights go out while you are in the living room, the wood and glass hurricane lamp is the best companion. Adorned with a wide, curved base made of wood, it can accommodate a large five-inch candle. With this, you can consider the night sorted for a long read or for a nice long chat.


The Mood

This is where you get to set the atmosphere you want for different days. Be it the time for the reflective nights or the romantic dinners, you are definitely spoilt for choice. The Chauncey hurricane glass candle holder is specially designed for classic quiet evenings by yourself. The soft candle flame dancing in the reflection of the gold honeycomb-shaped metal will blow your mind away.

Better still, the list is endless when it comes to romantic dinner evenings. One such option is the nautical hurricane candle lamp with a flared top. The best thing about it is its adaptability with many add-ons such as burlap runners. The wonder is all in your mind. The grand secret in using a hurricane glass candle holder is in the flexibility of your own imagination.

You can even dare get out of the box and replace the candle with simple but catchy items. Talk of sea glass, beads, pine cones, glass tiles, ball ornaments, holiday candy, etc. So long as they reflect the lighting and blend in, your creativity cannot be caged.

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