Discover The Large Hurricane Candle Holder Types To Beautify Your Home

large hurricane candle holder

Have you ever been to any love-themed restaurant? If yes, then you might have seen beautiful small and sometimes large hurricane candle holders with burning candles.

They are usually made of fancy glass and ceramic material. Sometimes, there is a combination of glass and metal.


People use hurricane candle holders just for decoration purposes. However, the main purpose was to protect the candle flame from wind breezes. The origin of a hurricane candle holder was brought about in India. Way back in the 18th century when the British used to rule over the subcontinent.


What Is A Hurricane Candle Holder

A hurricane candle holder is usually a glass cylinder, which is used to keep a burning candle inside. This protective glass cylinder protects the candle flame from wind breezes. It also stops candle wax from spreading where the candle has been placed.

People use electrical energy as a source of light. Despite the fact, the hurricane candle holders are getting popular again.


Nowadays, fragrant candles are available in the market. Burning a candle at a dinner table makes the moment more romantic for the people sitting next to each other. A beautiful hurricane candle holder serves the purpose.

Also, having a large hurricane candle holder with beautiful candles burning in it is an attractive part of your décor.



Types Of Large Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane candle holders are of many different types. For different purposes, we use a huge variety of hurricane candle holders. Depending upon the usage, the hurricane candle holders can be differentiated into the following types:


Large Glass And Metal Candleholders

These are the simple large hurricane candle holders. They are usually made of glass and they are banded with metallic strips. Their large and wide chimney can easily occupy a three-inch pillar candle. you can use them at dinner parties and also in case of an emergency.


Floating Candle Hurricanes

They are usually large glass cylinders and have drop-in support for candles. You can remove drop-in votive holders to insert and light the candles. You can also remove it to clean the hurricane. They are the perfect décor for dinner parties.



There is a huge variety of decorative hurricane candle holders. They are of different sizes, different materials, and different styles. Mostly, they use a combination of glass with other materials like wood, ceramic, and metal.


The size also varies from small to large hurricane candle holders. You can use your creativity to place these decorative hurricane candle holders anywhere you like. In addition, you can use them at dinner parties, receptions, even at the study tables and libraries to enhance the beauty of your environment.

You can use any of the hurricane candle holders with a burning candle in it to use it as decor for home, office, workplace, and even your special moments.

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